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Max has always lived on the farm with his parents and 2 sisters. After several years studying in the south of France and then travelling on the French island of "La Réunion" and to Madagascar, he came back to the Trièves in his early twenties.
He spent 12 years working for Terre vivante, tending for the gardens of the ecological center in Mens. A wonderful opportunity to learn about organic gardening, green buillding and permaculture. And a great way to feed Max's insatiable curiosity ! Inspired by permaculture, he is also looking for new inventions to improve our house and gardens.
Max started making wine with a local organisation aiming to preserve this local heritage before planting his own vineyard in 2015.  He makes natural wines and adores winetasting sessions with local cheese and saucisson. 




Laurie has a French mother and British father. She grew up near Paris but went to an international school where she spoke both languages everday. Laurie studied Geography and Italien at UCL in London and spent a year in the beautiful city of Siena in Italy. 
After many years living in Serre Chevalier, a French ski resort and having travelled around the world (China, India, Thailand...) she felt it was time to settle down and  knew the Trièves was the perfect place for her as soon as she set her foot here. There is as much activity and enthousiastic people with great projects here as in any big city she travelled too. But in a much more beautiful setting !
Laurie works part time for the local gouvernment, organising projects for farmers and promoting sustainable food programs. 




Born in 2013, Anna loves to welcome newcomers to Vareilles and is always looking to make new friends.
She adores her cats, "Funky Bouboule", "Ronron" and her favorite "la Blanche".
She is a bookworm (in French and English) and loves drawing too.



Born  in 2015, Tom loves ice cream (especially from the local  Sorbet Vagabond store), raspberries, dragons and playmobils.
He will be very happy to play badminton and table football with the children who come to stay with us. He is also very keen on board games. 

Mireille and Eric

At the origin of the Poulânerie, they still live here but have retired,  passing down their farm on to Laurie and Max in 2020.
Mireille devotes herself full time to her artistic activities and to hiking.
Eric hunts with his dogs and contributes to the upkeep of Vareilles with his very original creative touch.

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