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Located on the ground floor of a traditional Trièves farm, the farm house can accommodate 5 people. There are two bedrooms, each with a double bed and a single bed. The kitchen/living space open up onto a shady courtyard. There is a bathroom with a bathtub and a separate toilet.

The  outdoor courtyard has tables and chairs and a barbecue.

The farm house is at the heart of the farm, close to the chicken, rabbits and donkeys.


I'll huff and I'll puff ... a little straw house, perfect for 4 little piggies. In a shady clearing just below the farm with plenty of space to enjoy holidays close to nature. 

from November to April:
phone to know
if the hut or yurt
are available

LA POULANERIE Inspiration Vercors © Pierre Jayet 074.jpg

A traditional Kyrgyzstan yurt nestled in a small forest. Large wooden deck under the trees. 

For 2 people (+ 1 child). 

LA POULANERIE Inspiration Vercors © Pierre Jayet 012.jpg
LA POULANERIE Inspiration Vercors © Pierre Jayet 003.jpg

Unfortunately, our beautiful Pertus refuge was destroyed in a fire at the end of 2021. We hope to rebuild a beautiful cabin soon. 

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